How to find the best “PowerBank” ?

//How to find the best “PowerBank” ?

How to find the best “PowerBank” ?

Powerbanks are getting popular as the dependency to electronic devices specially tablets and phones is increasing. Therefore having a reliable source of electricity in your pocket that can charge your device is becoming a must. There are many products available on market, but what sellers do not tell their customers is the right one to buy, so people end up buying powerbank that is not suitable for their device and does not match their required specification.

At solarities we provide both universal powerbanks that charge via electricity and also solar power banks. All our effort has been dedicated to give our products a good design and better performance comparing to our competitors in the market. There are several factors to consider when buying a powerbank:

-Life Expectancy
There are two factors to consider in this case, first is how many charge/discharge cycles can be performed by the powerbank and second, how long the power bank can retain power when it is not used.

-Technical performance
The term used to measure a powerbank capacity is mAh which refers to mili-amps per hour. This unit simply indicates how much power can flow over time and the higher the number, the more capacity you have in your powerbank. Our model, offers 10000 mAh charging capacity. Our model is a compromise for both high capacity and fast charging rate, so you do not need to wait a long time for your powerbank to be fully charged.

-Battery level indicator
Powerbanks normally use an indicator to show the battery level to users. Other than the design of such indicator, what you as a user need to consider, is how reliable the indicator is or in other words how honest the designer has enabled it in your power bank. In our product we use LEDs to give your powerbank an aesthetic look.

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