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In the recent years with the rise in energy costs as well as destructive effects of the energy sources on nature, the people feel a need for another possibility. In many developing countries natural resources such as the sun are becoming much more trendy. The history of solar technology dates back thousands of years. During the 7th Century, B.C glass and mirrors were used to concentrate the sun’s heat in order to make fire.The walls and floors of buildings were designed in ways that would conserve solar heat during the day and release it during the night to keep warm. Werner von Siemens found that the discovery can not be available in the near future but it is true that light could convert directly to electricity. Afterwards, Gerald Pearson, Daryl Chapin and Calvin Fuller discover a silicon solar cell which can provide enough electricity to run tiny electrical devices. First commercial solar cells were available in 1956. With spending 300 dollars you could get a 1-watt solar cell. As times goes on this technology expanded much more. These days the Solar energy can be seen in railroads, homes, solar products such as power banks and especially remote areas.

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New Tech

Solar technologies have advanced progressively since the discovery of photovoltaic cells in the 1960’s. These advancements have enabled the solar industry to successfully grow at an increasing pace. Today, the major focus of scientists has been on improving the efficiency, flexibility, stability and cost-effectiveness of these solar cells. Besides, the focus on the development of solar energy appliances is more than ever, due to the high importance of solar energy in decreasing the need for fossil fuels. The technology is mature enough to become a great alternative for traditional energy resources. The benefits that such technology offer, has made it an interesting investment for governments and investors. We at Solarities are trying our best to have a share in this movement to green energy with providing our customers with high-quality solar energy appliances to maintain the environment as it was handed to us.

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Our Team

Solarities is an established UK based provider of solar products. We specialise in solar powered products such as Battery Banks, Backpacks, and other products. We are a multidisciplinary team of researchers, developers and entrepreneurs which put innovation and understanding the needs of our customers, at the centre of our focus. With the aim of green environment, we try our best to offer best solar appliances to our customers. We always look for innovative products to expand the usage of solar products and our main area of investment is to come up with new ideas of everyday appliances to minimise the need for electricity of fossil fuel. Innovation is in our blood and nothing can satisfy us but the customer satisfaction that we get when a new product is introduced by us. From solar chargers to solar projectors we aim for portability in our product.

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We provide a wide range of solar products such as solar phone charger, portable power bank, portable projector and etc. The range of solar products are expanding everyday and our specialists hand-pick the products based on our customers’ taste. If you are planning to buy solar products, visit our online shop and pick the best solar products with the best possible prices.  We pride ourselves to offer best solar power banks and solar powered products. Our solar battery banks have high capacity and fast charging speed that makes a great phone charger with solar capacities.

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