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Solar Cars

In recent years and with the development of solar technology, the focus of developing a car that runs on solar power have been always a major proposal. Many prototypes with different designs and capabilities have been proposed during last years. The main component of such cars is the solar panel mainly placed on the roof [...]

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How does solar energy work?

Solar power is a super efficient trending green power and today’s focus is changing the source of appliances that we do to solar powered products. The process that changes solar beams into electricity starts with photon beams and ends as electricity. Solar Panels Solar panels are made up of several silicon solar cells. They have [...]

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How to find the best “PowerBank” ?

Powerbanks are getting popular as the dependency to electronic devices specially tablets and phones is increasing. Therefore having a reliable source of electricity in your pocket that can charge your device is becoming a must. There are many products available on market, but what sellers do not tell their customers is the right one to [...]

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Advantages of Solar Products

The advantages of solar products can be divided into 3 different categories. ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS The most important reason of utilizing solar power into our daily routines is to keep the environment clean. Using solar products enables green energy and decreases the use of fossil fuels and electricity. The development of solar panels has enabled us [...]

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